Healthy lifestyle


A healthy lifestyle is not only the absence of diseases but it’s all about physical, mental& social wellbeing.
Consuming a balanced diet with proper exercise, avoiding intake of tobacco, drugs & getting proper rest. Our bodies are like a machine that requires the balance of all the nutrients for our body includes protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals with good consumption of water for the good working order of our body.
If we are not consistent with our balanced diet, regular exercise in response our body will suffer. Giving your body the proper calories intake from different healthy sources like fruits, vegetables, nuts milk meat, etc. is the key way to stay fit, the excess one will get stored in your body as fats

Importance of Balanced diet 

  • There are few benefits of a balanced diet
  • Builds a strong immune system to prevent & fight infections 
  • Lowers the risk of a certain type of infections 
  • Helps in managing the blood pressure 
  • A healthy weight 
  • More energy & helps in tissue growth 

Food that we should avoid eating

AS nowadays many of us don’t buy or prepare healthy fresh food, and we know the reason why?

We often have a short time to prepare the food, due which we depend on highly processed convenience food which is easily available. However, processed food has a very negative impact on our health 

The foods like :

Junk food like chocolate, chips, cookies are high in calories but low in nutritional value.

Fast food such as fries, burgers, chicken, pizza, etc. are prepared quickly but are high in fat.

These food are easily prepared but the are very harmful to our health as they are high in fat& calories which leads to many health problems
So, we have to avoid this kind of food & switch towards natural & healthy eating habits which will make our immune system strong and body healthy

We have discussed food but what about staying active 

  • Staying active is very much important so the proper functioning of our body, as the body is not made to sit around
  • If muscles and joints are to be kept in good, working order they need regular exercise 
  • If you stop walking they will stop working 
  • Your body finds it much easier to deal with threats such as sickness, injury, or the occasional sugary or fatty snack if you are active.
  • Exercise also helps you maintain a healthy attitude to problems and mental pressures.
  • You gain less body fat, tire less easily, and feel better.
  • Exercise gives you greater flexibility and strength, prevents boredom, and helps you sleep.
  • It also helps you find new friends and learn new skills.

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